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We are a relatively young company founded in March 2001. Our outstanding knowledge in the field of industrial instrument is nevertheless based on the much longer, consolidated experience of our founding president, who matured his expertise in the technical sales department of Pirelli’s Florence office branch.
Our initial product line was based on technical rubber articles such as: flexible hoses, expansion joints, conveyor belts, rubber sheets and plates. In time, responding to solicitations of our customers, our product line extended to a series of other synergetic articles encompassing a full spectrum of expansion joints  made of stainless steel, PTFE, textile and accessories for conveyor belts such as rubber skirts, scrapers, mechanical joints, guide rollers, and others. 
Our pneumatic cushions for splitting and overturning marble, granite and other stone blocks, constitute a “Technotrade” exclusive product line. This technology was conceived by us 20 years ago. The initial application was the separation (splitting) of sewed through stone blocks from the quarry producing a gap of up to 40cm.  With the successive improvements of the technology we are now capable of splitting and automatically overturning blocks of up to 3 meter wide.
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